Working Groups

The move to 22 Bishopsgate and Activity Based Working is an important project for Canopius and involves the collaboration of many teams. To ensure this runs smoothly, a dedicated project group has been set up to manage the project and progress the fit out and design.

In addition, a user group has been set up to provide input into the development of the physical space and new way of working for their teams. They will also report back to teams on the progress of the project.

Project Group

Physical lead: Steve Harney
People / Behavioural Lead: Sophie Patrikios
Technology Lead and Project Manager: David Tucker
Communications: Lee Jones
Solution owner / Project Lead: Steve Harney and Hannah Welch

Deep dive process

Underwriting/Vave/Outwards Reinsurance: Jamie Martin, Katrina Sokolova, Ellie Broome, Matthew Carr, Sam Batstone, Lewis Kateley, Jamie Stoneley, Alex Marshall and Lucy Rusell
IT: Jon Hogg, Nigel Shore and Tina Robertson
Governance (Compliance, Risk, Legal & Co-Sec & DP): Mira Jekova (compliance), Lynette McCammond (legal & Co-Sec) and Timothy Hewitt (Risk)
CAT: Robert Metcalfe and Paul Wilkinson
Claims: Gabby Carr, David Boak, Iain Pacey, Tony Bold, Jen Smith, Amber Patrick, Ben Wathen, Tracey Perriment, Rowena Hollins and Liam Tarff
Actuarial: Jacob Keith, Jon Harries and Andrew Finn
Ops (Business Projects, Undewriting Support, Credit Management, DUM & Ops): Scott Baker, Neil Farrow and Claire Cattell
Finance: Andy Darby, Virginie Lalande and Matt Bishop
HR, Marketing & Comms: Amy Oldfield
Internal Audit: Rachel Newman

User Group

Andy Darby
Rachel Sabbarton
Jamie Martin
Ben Wathen
Jon Hogg
Amy Oldfield
David Tribe
Lisa Renton
Timothy Hewitt
Matthew Northedge
Matthew Carr
Lucy Russell
Russell Caston
Chris Swift
Tracey Perriment
Rowena Hollins
Vivian Anumba