Our New Technology

Investing in new technology is a crucial part of how we will using the move to 22 Bishopsgate to help us evolve as a company. We’re hoping to rid ourselves of as much paper as possible and begin using new digital tools that will improve how we collaborate and work with each other here in London, with our offices around the world and with our clients.

Keep an eye out for updates on what tech we’ll be implementing as part of the move, how it will help you and your teams, and useful guides and demonstrations on how to use our new tools.

Recycling our desktop IT kits

As we migrate across to using laptops, we have been looking at different options to recycle our desktop IT kits. We are pleased to tell you that we are working with Afrinspire to donate all of our current desktop IT equipment to East Africa.

A UK based charity, Afrinspire has helped to deliver over 3,000 PC’s to schools, universities, NGO’s, resource centres and cyber-cafes. Many of the resource centres they have helped were established completely using computes sent from the UK, implemented by Afrinspire’s African partners. Workshops at these centres have provided technicians with top level knowledge and skills enabling them to act as IT consultants around the Afrinspire network. New centres have now been opened in Rugaaga/Isingero in south east Uganda and in Buyende in Central Uganda. The majority of computers go to schools across northern Zambia.

Afrinspire not only help with the provision of computers and educational materials, they also help by providing funding for schools and scholarships, setting up new enterprise schemes, disseminating sustainable agriculture techniques, and financing the construction of water tanks. You can find out more about Afrinspire here.

We are delighted to support Afrinspire in helping children and adults to become computer literate and secure better futures.