Our Future Office

Our new working space will comprise of one and a half floors across the 29th and 30th levels of 22 Bishopsgate. It is being designed and organised to be as conducive to working, collaborating and building a vibrant community as possible.

10 things to get excited about at 22 Bishopsgate

We’re officially on the countdown to moving in day now with only one week to go.

We’ve pulled together a list of 10 things to get excited about at 22 Bishopsgate. With all the new spaces and amenities available to us, it was hard to whittle it down to just 10!

1. The Canopius 22B app
2. The Tech
3. Our art
4. Summer of events
5. The Hearth
6. Our new coffee
7. Our neighbourhoods
8. The Food Market on Level 2
9. The stunning view
10. The bike park

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Canopius donates office furniture to Grove House School

As part of our move to 22B, we are replacing our office furniture. Rather than disposing of the old furniture, we have donated this to Grove House School who were extremely happy to receive this. Please see below note.

Thank you on behalf of Grove House School for the donation of office furniture. Like many schools, finances are restricted and much of our office furniture is old or recycled. Our staffroom particularly is a mismatch of donations and furniture past its best and we are very grateful for the donated furniture to be able to update this area for our staff. Our school was open throughout the Lockdowns and continued to provide an onsite education alongside a remote service for those not able to attend. We can now update our staffroom as part of our staff wellbeing focus after the past year and a reflection of our gratitude for their hard work.

Canopius boardroom

We are excited to share some images of the Canopius boardroom table in production – click here to view.

22B Neighbourhood names – the results are in!

We were delighted to have over 200 responses to our ‘name our neighbourhoods’ survey. Thanks to everyone who voted. We’re happy to announce the winning names are…


Coffee points:
Blue Mountain

In terms of how these will be allocated per team, this will be based on location – names will be in alphabetical order, anticlockwise, across the two floors. Please see maps below.

Each neighbourhood will have their own branding and individual icons. We will need your help bringing these names to life once we move into our new home.

Level 29

Level 30

Sending and receiving post at 22B

We want to make you aware of the new process for receiving post/parcels at 22 Bishopsgate.

The Consolidation Centre

With the below exceptions, business and personal deliveries should be directed to the Consolidation Centre (CC) at the following address:

Gate 1, Units 1-3,

Manor Point,

Manor Way,

Borehamwood WD6 1EU

(Open 6 days a week, Monday- Friday 07:00-18:00 and on Saturdays 07:00- 13:00)

This CC has been set up to reduce pollution and minimise congestion in the City of London. It is really important that your supplier’s prebook their deliveries to the CC. A Delivery Management System (DMS) will be in place to allow suppliers to make their own bookings. It also means that once items have arrived, you will be kept updated on the status of your delivery. The on-site 22B management team can help to get your suppliers set up and can be contacted on logistics@22bishopsgate.com. Please ensure your partners, clients and third parties are aware of this new process. Once you have updated your contacts, please let us know by emailing B22B@canopius.com.


Royal Mail will directly deliver to and collect from 22 Bishopsgate. The 22 Team will manage this and there is no need to book this service. In addition, there are no timing restrictions and no limit to quantities of 2-wheel deliveries and collections, and they are the preferred mode of delivery and collection at 22 Bishopsgate. The delivery address for these deliveries/collections is:

Floor 29

22 Bishopsgate



Here is a useful guide with more detailed information on how the process works, booking deliveries via the DMS and deliveries of perishable goods.

Active Commuter Park

View more information on the Active Commuter Park here.

Catering brochure

We have now received the initial brochure for the on-floor catering, which can be viewed here.

Office Visit

Neil Robertson, our Deputy CEO, recently visited our new office at 22 Bishopsgate for the first time. Neil commented, “Wow! What a wonderful new home for Canopius in London. I love that the office is future focused embracing flexibility and agility in our new work space”.

Handover of the Network Communications rooms to Canopius Technology team

In a key milestone in our journey to 22 Bishopsgate, yesterday the Canopius Technology team took possession of the network communication rooms on the 29th and 30th floors. This is the first handover from the building firms to Canopius and has been completed on schedule.

This handover allows the IT team to start to commission the network for the super-fast Wi-Fi (which uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 protocols, much faster than the Wi-Fi in Lloyd’s or at most homes) and the video conference equipment which will add Teams Rooms audio visual connectivity  to the meeting rooms (play the linked video, Surface hub not included).

Taking the keys on behalf of the Technology team was Jonathan Hogg, Service Delivery Manager who said “19 months ago we sat down with a blank piece of paper and to see that initial design now fully realised feels pretty good, and the team are excited to move to the next stage of commissioning the internal network, connecting the office to the internet and the data centres and installing the super-fast Wi-Fi and the Teams Rooms equipment.”

Steve Harney, on behalf of the Project Team, commented “This is the first key handover milestone to Canopius and I am delighted this has been achieved on plan, which bodes well for opening our new office space on time”.

Here are some pictures of the Medium Equipment Room (MER) on the 29th floor, the Small Equipment Room (SER) is on the 30th floor.

The key box

The 4 server racks in the MER on 29, (gas fire suppression system in the red canisters)

A close up of rack 4, a dedicated rack containing the state of the art server equipment powering the audio-visual systems, the Teams Rooms and the digital signage.

Patch panels in rack 2, awaiting the network switches and cables to connect the Wi-Fi and internet connectivity. Red for Wi-Fi and blue for Meeting Rooms. A UPS is at the bottom of each rack to protect against any power issues.

The manual

B22B Webinar

You can view our recent webinar on the office move here. The passcode is: ^t605OuY73. You can also view the slides here.

Accessibility & Special Requirements

We would like to update our awareness of any accessibility or other requirements that might be relevant to the new office and the way we’ll work there. Please contact Facilities.Helpdesk@Canopius.com if you have, or think you might have, any special needs or requirements connected to the move, the new office or our new way of working.

Name a Neighbourhood

In keeping with Canopius’s history, our neighbourhoods will be given names associated with coffee – for those that don’t know, Nathaniel Canopius was reported to have been the first person to brew a cup of coffee in England while he was an Oxford scholar. We already have one name chosen: “Arabica” – the coffee bean Mr Canopius first brewed in 1641. We need your help choosing five more names for our neighbourhoods and two for our tea points to complement “The Hearth”. Please vote for your 7 favourite names here by Wednesday 19th May. We will announce the winning names by Friday 28th May.

Collections and deliveries

We want to make you aware of the new process for receiving post/parcels at 22 Bishopsgate. See see important guide here.

Some recent pictures of our office

Recently our CEO Michael Watson, COO Laurie Davison and Head of Governance Sheldon Lacy visited our soon to be office, here are some pictures they took whilst they were there…

Our new Broker Lounge

A focus in our new London office was to design a Broker Lounge that allows us to work better together with our clients. In the spirit of our new ways of working, we are building a place for client interactions that’s conducive to group meetings, private one-on-one interactions and more.

The Canopius Broker Lounge will offer you a variety of areas to bring your clients. There will be stations for four people, and will be in close proximity to more casual areas and our kitchen. The stations will offer underwriters and claims managers the ability to share a private screen with clients, and there will be some privacy between tables.

The Lounge will be close to reception so that the reception team can assist in managing the flow of visitors, and will offer a steady stream of quality coffee and snacks. We’re confident that the new space is going to be a marked improvement of what we have at Lloyd’s currently.


Get a 360 Tour of Our Future Office

We have created a virtual 360 degree tour of our new office space that will be updated every two weeks. This tour gives you access to virtually walk the floors and watch the progress as level 29 and 30 start to shape into our modern workspace.

Look out for our next tour update coming soon where you can see the work that has taken place in the last couple of weeks.

Click here to view a 360 tour of our new office. The Password is: Project22BG2021

(Please access this outside of Citrix if possible)

Updated Plans, post-Lockdown

The experience of lock-down has had a profound impact on ways of working and it has raised the question of how best to utilise our new office space.

Our recent employee survey made it clear that Canopians expect to work from home more often. Our new office space at 22B has always been about creating spaces when you can work more effectively – and it’s clear that working from our home offices is now a part of that dynamic.

The recent survey also found that many of you see the office as a place to congregate and work as a team – 22 Bishopsgate will be optimised to do this, and the technology will allow us to connect better in the office, and between the office and home.

Bearing this all in mind, we have taken the decision to reduce our initial footprint in the 22 Bishopsgate space to one and half floors, rather than two.

This decision does not affect the quality of the space, nor the core amenities we have already set out, nor does it change any of our plans to embrace Activity Based Working. All of the areas we have already shared with you will remain – broker lounge, café, and various work spaces – as will the guiding principles that we are using to build our new office.

We are now working with contractors and outfitters, as well as the 22 Bishopsgate landlord to formalise the new arrangement.

The wider development of 22 Bishopsgate is still pushing ahead – we expect the building developers to be soon announcing more amenities that will be on offer to us.

We will continue to update you on timelines, as we work towards moving into our new home in mid-2021.

First look at our new home

On Monday 10th February, the B22B project team headed to our soon-to-be new home on the 29th and 30th floor of 22 Bishopsgate. Construction is still ongoing, so the team had to gear up with high vis jackets, hard hats, goggles and gloves. After pouring over architectural plans for months, it was great to see the space and take a look at the breathtaking views we’d heard so much about.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to get it ready but we wanted to share some of the photos to bring it to life.

29th floor homezone overlooking the gherkin
View from homezone on the 29th floor looking out towards Westminster
29th floor broker area
Focus area and homezone on 30th floor looking towards The Central Cafe
30th floor tea point and social area looking towards the Southbank
30th floor homezone overlooking the walkie talkie

Floor Plan 3