Activity-Based Working

“Re-imagining the way we work in order for us to flourish as individuals together”

The move to 22 Bishopsgate is a chance to re-imagine the way we work – we’ll be adopting activity-based working (ABW) as the basis of the new office design and associated technology solutions.

A new way to work

The way we work has changed. Our days consist of a variety of tasks, which we have always done at an assigned desk or in a meeting room. But these days we don’t spend much time at our desks and mobile and wireless technology has given us the ability to be more flexible than ever. ABW takes full advantage of this and will offer a variety of settings conducive for both individual and collaborative work.

We are proud of being different at Canopius and this change in how we work together is testament to that. ABW will allow more collaboration and community-building between all of us, which will only strengthen the things that make us who we are.

We decided to embrace ABW because we realised that we are not working as efficiently or effectively as we could in the traditional set-up in the Lloyd’s building. We’ve also just welcomed hundreds of new colleagues from AmTrust. So, moving to 22 Bishopsgate and investing in new technology has given us the opportunity to approach how we all work together with a clean slate.

Different settings for the work day

We’re already very mobile – the occupancy study we completed showed that most of us are away from our desk around 50% of the time. ABW takes advantage of this fact and offers you different areas specifically designed for different types of working and interacting – trying to do a variety of tasks within a large organisation from a single allocated desk isn’t always the most efficient way of doing things.

In an ABW environment some or all people share a diversity of different work settings that support a variety of activities. Whether you need a space to meet, to collaborate or to work quietly on your own, there will be an area for you and you team.

You’ll have a “Neigbourhood” that you might gravitate towards, but you’ll also have the choice to work with your team in different areas/work settings.

There will be times in the day when a team needs to be together – both informally and formally – and ABW offers a catered space for that. Then, once you break, there will be areas for smaller groups and individuals to move where they can best focus on the next task at hand.

An Activity Based Working environment will require changes to be made to how we approach our day-to-day working activities – over the next few months more information will be provided, supported by various training programmes, to ensure everyone is completely aligned with the benefits of ABW and the new office working environment.