22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is London’s newest, and second tallest skyscraper and one of the world’s most connected, technology-advanced work spaces. Floors 29 and 30 within the 278-metre tower will be our new home.

A building you want to work in

22 Bishopsgate is designed to increase wellness, engagement and productivity, ultimately making a significant and positive impact on the businesses and people that will form its community. It will contain workspace for 12,000 people.

An 85-metre, four-storey high glazed façade on Bishopsgate will welcome you each morning. The building has four entrances, two on Bishopsgate and two on Crosby Square, offering quick access to the Lloyd’s building. A biometric security system using facial recognition software will provide access to the building automatically.

Beacons on each floor will ensure five-bar mobile phone coverage, and 3-metre high floor-to-ceiling windows with low-iron glass let in 60% more daylight, with the façade geometry offering incredible views across London.

Amenities and Services

The 62-storey tower will house a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, curated ‘art walk’, business club, destination restaurant, climbing wall built into a 25-storey window, as well as London’s highest free public viewing gallery.

The building will also house the largest bike park in London, providing lockers and showers, with free towels, changing facilities, storage as well as bike repair and rental.

A 22 Bishopsgate app will show you what’s on, help you book events and order services. There will also be a dedicated building concierge, who will be able to book and organise bespoke private dining experiences, meeting rooms and event spaces.

The building will also offer a learning programme and knowledge-sharing events for all residents.